About Us

The Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA) is the only professional association of paralegal licensees in Ontario. The OPA is the only one of its kind in Ontario and in the rest of the country, representing members of the paralegal profession who are committed to providing legal representation whilst facilitating and promoting access to justice for the residents of Ontario. We work hard to support our members so that they can provide their communities with the best possible legal service.

The OPA is committed to assisting its members, whether sole practitioners or employees of large firms, to maintain their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), to broaden their legal knowledge, and to maintain an understanding of current legal issues.

Our vision is to develop a strong association that encourages interactions between students, entry-level and experienced paralegals to facilitate the exchange of valuable information, advice, and guidance to build successful careers.

We make known the concerns of our members by voicing their concerns to government officials and the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), so they can be the best possible advocates for Ontarians. We facilitate interaction among our members to encourage the full exchange of information, advice, and guidance.

Our goal is to serve and advance the public interest through every interaction with our members. That goal is best accomplished by supporting our members to achieve excellence in the delivery of legal services.


The OPA mandate is to provide members with career guidance and continuing education opportunities, to list the concerns of members and to represent their interests throughout the Province of Ontario. To accomplish our mandate, we put forward the views, concerns, and interests of our members, and liaise with other professional associations, including the Law Society of Ontario, as well as relevant governmental bodies.

Diversity & Commitment

The OPA recognizes the need to recruit and retain the best and the brightest people who bring the widest range of ideas, experiences, and approaches to bear on the issues facing its members, prospective members, and paralegals at large. We, therefore, adopt the particulars of the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Statement of Principal and declare that we have been and remain committed to ensuring that diversity manifests itself in our association. The OPA’s membership and governing body are reflective of the rich diversity of the Province of Ontario combined with the remarkable professional talents that make the OPA an exceptionally diverse organization.

Board of Directors



Director & Liaison to the Events Committee
Brian Lawrie


Director & Liaison to the LSO and Government Relations Liaison
Colleen Vice President


Vice President
LinkedIn Picture Cropped Rachel Katz Student Director


Student Director, Liaison to the Student Committee


Director - Liaison to Public Awareness Committee


Secretary - Liaison to Student Committee & Co-Liaison to Education Committee



Board Liaisons:

Education Committee George Brown
Events Committee
Cheryl Powers
LSO & Government Relations Brian Lawrie blawrie@opaonline.ca
Promotion & Public Awareness Committee
Mitchell Kent mitchell@opaonline.ca
Membership Committee
Mitchell Kent mitchell@opaonline.ca
Student Committee
Rachel Katzstudent@opaonline.ca