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Member Benefits

Yes. The OPA has an arrangement with Prolink to provide E&O insurance to members at a discount. For more information on insurance, please Contact Prolink. Contact Prolink
If you are already a Rogers customer, call Rogers at 844 776-4377 to claim your OPA discount. They will require you to verify personal information. To activate a new line, contact Randy Bacchus at or 416-567-7319. Please have your OPA membership number ready.
Yes. The OPA has an ongoing agreement with uLaw to provide its software at a discount to verified OPA Members. Please provide uLaw with you OPA # in order to qualify for the OPA discount.
Yes. The OPA has secured agreements with both Carswell and QuickLaw to provide print and online legal resources to members at a discount.
Yes, the OPA has entered into an agreement with United Parcel Services (“UPS”) for a 40% discount to verified members. You must provide your OPA membership number to qualify for the OPA discount.
Yes. The OPA has an agreement with Breckles Insurance to provide Home and Auto insurance to verified OPA Members. We suggest that the discount members received from the Home and Auto insurance can or may cover the OPA membership. To sign for new home and auto insurance contact Gary Banks at 1-888-203-8122.
Yes. The OPA has an agreement with GoodLife to provide its Members discounted memberships. To apply for a discounted GoodLife membership, please for the GoodLife and provide your email address where required. When you enter your email address your OPA information will populate and you may proceed to complete your GoodLife membership.
Yes, the OPA on the last day of each month, at its monthly Members’ Meeting provide CPD to permit members to complete their annual CPD requirements of 12 credits per year. This is included in the OPA Membership and is therefore provided at no costs to Members. The OPA will also provide substantive education to Members for a fee. These courses will permit Members and Student to stay up to date on legal issues, amendments and changes in law affecting their practice areas.

About Paralegals

In Ontario, Paralegals can represent you in a variety of different areas including: Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences such as traffic tickets, Tribunals such as Human Rights, Landlord and Tenant, Workplace Safety, Social Benefits, Immigration & Refugee, Criminal charges (e.g summary conviction charges), Accident Benefits Schedule claims, Commissioning documents and Mediation
The regulatory scheme set out in the Law Society's By-Law 4 permits paralegals to practice in what were already permitted areas of practice. Subsection 6 (2) authorizes licensed paralegals to represent someone:

• in Small Claims Court
• in the Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act
• on summary conviction offences where the maximum penalty does not exceed six months' imprisonment and /or a $5,000 fine
• before administrative tribunals, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

A person with a paralegal licence can do the following in the course of representing a client in any of the above-mentioned proceedings:
• give legal advice concerning legal interests, rights or responsibilities with respect to a proceeding or the subject matter of a proceeding
• draft or assist with drafting documents for use in a proceeding
• negotiate on behalf of a person who is a party to a proceeding.

Paralegals are not permitted to appear in Family Court and may not provide legal services that only a lawyer may provide, such as drafting wills or handling real estate transactions or estates.

For more information on Paralegals in Ontario, please refer to the Law Society of Ontario's website.

Membership Questions

Through our new website launched (January 1st 2018) renewal is done completely online! Simply register for your OPA membership with online payment and your account will be immediately activated. Future renewals can be setup to automatically renew OR you may renew manually through your account login. You will be prompted when it is time to do so.
The OPA wouldn't be possible without volunteers, every Board and Committee member is a volunteer, and we are always looking to engage new talent! Check out our About page for more information!
“Individual Member” means any person who holds a P1 licence in good standing with the LSO and is shown in the LSO Paralegal Directory as providing legal services, and who abides by the Association’s Principles of Conduct, may be entitled to a Voting Membership.

“Associate Member” means any person who holds a P1 license as issued by the LSO, and whose status is defined as “Not Providing Legal Services” by LSO, may at his/her option, be entitled to an Associate membership in lieu of an Individual Membership.

“Student Member” means any Student enrolled in a recognized accredited Paralegal Program in Ontario or Paralegal Candidate who is not currently the holder of a P1 licence and who abides by the Association’s Principles of Conduct may be entitled to a Student Membership.

“Retired Member” means an Individual member who is at least 60 years of age and who has been a member in good standing of a law society for at least 10 years, and who has retired from the active provision of legal services by permanently resigning from the law society may be entitled to a Retired Membership.

"Honourary Member" the Board, by resolution, may admit any person(s) who, in the opinion of the Board, has made an outstanding contribution to the development of, and/or, has furthered the purposes of the OPA.

All classes of membership are eligible to attend CPD events, but only Individual Members will receive credit for their hours.

CPD Information

When you click on the event you will not see a "register now" button.
The Events page of your OPA Portal will provide access to past events.

If you were not a member at the time of the event, you will be unable to register to watch by webinar.

2015, 2016 and 2017 event information is posted under the Forum page.

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While the OPA is pleased to provide free CPDs to it's members, both in person and by webinar, we would encourage you to review the Law Society of Ontario CPD requirements to be sure you are not falling short.

CPD Requirements - The Law Society of Ontario

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